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The FL Studio registration is the same on Windows as on macOS. Please check this article for the procedure: Registration: How to unlock FL Studio from the.

If the chest is open and the core of the golem is exposed, it will suffer damage. As the Golem suffers damage, it becomes more dangerous. A hint of the danger level of the golem is the color of its power aura. Blue is seen in a Golem that is not attacking. Yellow on a Golem that has started attack, Orange on the Golem that has suffered considerable damage. Red is seen on a Golem about to explode.

The Golem will constantly try to acquire replacement blocks. Every time a block is acquired, the Golem is healed the amount of the healing depends also on the difficulty level.

Mo'Creatures Mod / (Animals, Monster Mobs) -

It may be wise to look for shelter when the Golem power aura is red, as there is not too much time before the golem explodes. When a Golem dies, it drops all of the blocks that were part of its body including the valuable ore cube. Snails drop slime balls. Including butterflies, flies, bees, fireflies, dragonflies and crickets. Turkeys… they drop raw turkey when killed that can be cooked. Pretty straightforward stuff. Horses are the first controllable mount in Minecraft.

You will need to tame them before you can ride them. There are 36! Horses need a saddle to be ridden. You can use either regular or horse saddles on them. This is the formula for the Essence of Undead. The Heart of undead is a rare drop of the Undead horse mobs, found at night. The essence of undead is used to obtain undead horses and heal them. The zebras can be found more frequently on plains biomes.

Once you tame a Zebra, you can breed a Zorse. Zorses are sterile and if given an essence of fire will transform it to a Nightmare. Giving it an essence of Darkness will transform the Zorse into a bat horse.

If you give an essence of light to a nightmare, you will obtain an Unicorn. Unicorns can buckle other creatures and fall very slowly, floating down. If you give an essence of light to a Bat horse, while the bathorse is high in the sky at the cloud level, it will trasnform into a Pegasus. Pegasus and Unicorns can breed a White Fairy horse, however both will dissapear in the process. You need to give them both Essence of lights to get them ready for the mating. Also essence of light is used to heal them. If you give a light blue dye, a pink dye, or a lime dye to a white fairy horse, it will transform into a blue, pink or green fairy horse.

Fairy horses can carry a small inventory, if given a chest. Amulets are used to capture horses. The horses will drop any saddle, armor or inventory before being captured in the amulet. Only certain horses can be trapped in amulets:. You can use that key to open any horse inventory. If the key is lost, you can craft a new one. Ostriches spawn in plains and desert biomes. You can find male, females and chicks. The males will fight back if attacked.

The females and chicks will run away and hide their heads in the ground if attacked. You can give your tamed ostrich chick a name. The name can be changed by interacting with the ostrich while holding a medallion or book. Once the chick becomes adult, it will swap its feathers to reflect its gender. You can command your tamed ostriches by using a whip. If you give an adult tamed ostrich a saddle, you can ride it.

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There are eight different kinds of snakes including a couple of shy snakes that will run away from the player and venomous snakes like corals, cobras, rattle snakes. There are also aggressive pythons. Different kind of snakes spawn based on the biomes. Rattlesnakes only spawn on deserts, pythons spawn on swamps and jungles. Snakes mind their own business, if you get too close they will alert and hiss, giving you time to run away. You can obtain snake eggs. A snake egg that is dropped near a torch will hatch and the baby snake will be tamed and can be picked up.

Stingrays will try to hide at the bottom of the water, they can be found in waters of most biomes except the Ocean and snow biomes. If you get too close, you have the chance of being poisoned by the stingray. Just avoid stepping on them! JellyFish will spawn on most waters.

Mo’Creatures Mod 1.12.2/1.10.2 (Animals, Monster Mobs)

They are translucent and propel with pulsating movements. They are also luminescent at night. You can get poisoned if you get too close. JellyFish drop slimeballs. Goats are really easy to tame, just drop any edible food item nearby. Once tamed, you can name them. Male goats will fight back if provoked. They will also fight between themselves. Goats are quite omnivorous. They will eat ANY item or floating blocks that are nearby.

Even diamonds. If you die next to a goat it will have a feast with your dropped items. You have been warned. They are very aggressive and fast in the water. If a crocodile has caught you, you can try to get free by attacking it, but not all the hits will land. If you right click on a turtle, you will flip it. It takes some time for the poor little guy to flop You can tame turtles by dropping watermelon slices or sugar cane near them. Scorpions are nasty creatures that attack at night or if provoked. When scorpions attack, there is a chance of being poisoned. There are four different kinds of scorpions, the common variety will poison you, black scorpions spawn on caves.

Mother scorpions that are found with baby scorpions on their back drop babies which can be picked up and tamed. Scorpions drop either sting or chitin. The sting is a short lived weapon with special properties, causing poison, slow, confusion or fire on the targets.

With the scorpion chitins, armor can be forged. A full set of armor confers a special ability. The cave Scorpion armor set allows night vision. The nether armor set gives fire resistance.

Mo’Creatures Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2, 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2

The frost armor set enables water breathing. The regular scorpion armor gives mild regeneration. Wild kitties will run from player. You can then give them a medallion to tame them. Once the medallion is given you can name them. Kitty Bed: You can place beds and litter boxes by right clicking, and pick them up by right clicking while holding a pickaxe. You can transport a kitty bed or litter box in your head by right clicking on it without holding a pickaxe.

You can transport kitties that are on lying on the bed or litter box that way. This item is a powerful magnet for monsters. Zombies will chase and push it whereas skeletons will throw arrows at it. It is quite a sight After a while, an used litter box will return to its empty state. You can also use sand on an used litter box to clean it. A cat that has eaten and used a litter box, will roam freely, it can become hungry again and look for food in a kitty bed again, or it will fall sleep at night, or try to climb a tree.

If the cat has decided to climb a tree, you can watch it climbing. A cat that climbs a tree, will get trapped on top and will need help to come down. You can pick up a cat in three different ways: If you pick up a cat while holding a rope, you will carry it by its legs.

After a while the cat temper will improve. If you give the cat the wool ball, it will play with it for a while chasing it and pushing it, until the cat gets bored. You can breed cats by giving them cake. Once cake is given, the cat will look for another cat that is also in the mood given cake.

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After a while one of them will become pregnant and will need to find a kitty bed. After a short while in the kitty bed, the cat will give birth to kittens. Kittens will be very playful and will chase any items not only wool balls , will play with the player and will chase its mom.

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You can turn emoticons off using the in-game mod menu. They will run away from everything.

Minecraft Mods - Mo Creatures Installation Tutorial 1.0.0 (mac)

You can pick up a mouse by its tail. Mice drop seeds. They will attack the player at night or in dark areas, if you attack one rat, all the nearby rats will attack you. They are not too strong and their health is low. They drop coal. Deer will run away from anything bigger than a chicken. You can find female, males and fawn. BigCats replace the lions that were part of the initial release of this mod. Female lions and Tigers will always attack the player if within range. Male lions, panthers and cheetahs will some times attack the player.

BigCats will attack only when hungry. They will also eat raw pork or raw fish when hungry. BigCats of different breeds will fight amongst them. Bring on the catfight! Wild Cubs will seldom spawn. Once it grows to adult size, it will fight mobs on its own. Cubs will attack any other animal smaller than themselves. Horses and BigCats will stay put when a whip is used near them whitin 12 blocks. Also If you right click on a tamed Horse or BigCat while holding a whip, you can toggle them between moving and staying. Piranhas are red and will attack anything that falls in the water.

You can deactivate piranhas with the in game menu. Fishbowls can be used to capture, transport and release fish. You can craft a fishbowl with four pieces of glass. A fishbowl with water can be used to capture fish. The fishbowl can be placed in the world and carried around in your head.

If you want to bring a fishbowl back to your inventory, just right click on it while holding any pike. There are six different kind of dolphins from common to rare: The last two kinds are seen only rarely in the wild. You can tame dolphins by feeding them raw fish. A blue dolphin requires 2 raw fish and an albino dolphin requires 12 raw fish. Rarer dolphins are noticeable faster than common ones. Tamed adult dolphins can breed by feeding them cooked fish and keeping them apart from other creatures in a similar fashion than the horse breeding. Two dolphins of the same color will always have offspring of such color.

All files must be compatible with your version of Minecraft for the mods to work as needed. Try upgrading to the latest version of Minecraft if you continue to experience problems installing Forge and other mods. In some cases, your version of Minecraft may be too outdated to use with some mods. Update to the latest version of Java if Minecraft crashes repeatedly or displays a blank screen after installing Forge and Mo Creatures. An outdated version of Java can cause problems with Forge and mods. These signs indicate that Forge was installed incorrectly, and must be reinstalled.

If you install Mo Creatures from the right website, it shouldn't give you a virus. In the modding world, there are a lot of reposts of mods that have viruses, so do your research when trying to find a legitimate, reliable download. Ask any friends you have who already install mods for their help. The site I use is Curseforge, and it never steers me wrong. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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