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The FL Studio registration is the same on Windows as on macOS. Please check this article for the procedure: Registration: How to unlock FL Studio from the.

This was the simplest.

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Tried a couple of solutions which worked great. But this is the simplest. Gordon Davisson Gordon Davisson Thanks, I didn't know about Grab. Seems like a great solution to keep the cursor in the picture. An example: This is really nice, but only seems to work in Safari for me - not in Chrome. Mar 3 '17 at Mr Rabbit Mr Rabbit This is the case for Stackexchange as well. Maybe it's my browser?

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Tried the same thing in Chrome, and the tooltip remains. Ah cool, didn't realize the tooltip behavior could be dictated by the browser. I almost always use Safari so I hadn't noticed it before. AlexTelly AlexTelly 11 1. This was taken from this site. As soon as you tap the camera button on your Touch Bar, your mouse cursor will switch to crosshairs to select any part of your screen to save as a screenshot.

Press the space bar on your keyboard then click a window to save a full window screenshot. Or, select any of the other screenshot options that show on the Touch Bar while taking a screenshot to take a full-screen screenshot, copy the image instead of saving it as a file, and more. Need to take a screenshot of your Touch Bar? Remember that, and next time you want to screenshot something on your Mac, you'll know exactly how to do it. Matthew Guay is a senior editor and writer on the Zapier team in Bangkok. When he's not writing, he's likely reading a new book or exploring random streets in a new city.

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Follow Matthew at maguay. Comments powered by Disqus. Zapier is the easiest way to automate powerful workflows with more than 1, apps. Email me about new features. By signing up, you agree to Zapier's Terms of Service. How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac Keyboard shortcuts and built-in apps to capture images and videos of your screen.

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Here's how to use all of your Mac's screenshot tools to capture anything on your screen. After pressing Command-Shift-4 but before releasing the mouse button or trackpad, hold down the Shift key. This locks in each side of the selection area made with the crosshairs save the bottom edge, letting you move your mouse up or down to position the bottom edge.

How to Take a Screenshot

Without releasing the mouse button, release the Shift key and hit it again to reposition the right edge of your selection area. After pressing Command-Shift-4 but before releasing the mouse button or trackpad, hold down the Option key.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Capture a Screen Shot with Mac OS X Mavericks and Yosemite

This lets you move all sides of the selection area as you move the crosshair. The two side edges move in proportion to one another as you move the crosshair, as if they were mirrored images. The same holds true for the top and bottom edges.

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Without the Option key engaged, the left and top edges of the selection area are locked and do not move. This third tip is my personal favorite of the trio here. After pressing Command-Shift-4 but before releasing the mouse button or trackpad, hold down the spacebar. This locks in the shape and size of the selection area but lets you reposition it on the screen.

It's very handy if your initial selection area is off by a few pixels; just hold down the spacebar to reposition it before releasing the mouse button to snap a screenshot.