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The FL Studio registration is the same on Windows as on macOS. Please check this article for the procedure: Registration: How to unlock FL Studio from the.

Yes, I downloaded the version 5.

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The old version, actually in a folder named "Windows Support" is version 4. This was the version that I had saved from 3 years ago when I first installed. Please see Identify your iMac - Apple Support as a reference. From Boot Camp Support Software 4. From Boot Camp Support Software 5.

Apr 28, The tables list both Late models and early models, which I am pretty sure are the same. No major changes where made to the iMac until late I'll give the 4. Apr 29, 8: May 4, 9: May 5, 3: Is that correct? While Boot Camp will let you run Windows natively, Parallels almost makes installing Windows 8 a pleasure by comparison.

How to Install Mountain Lion on an Unsupported Mac

Parallels Desktop makes the process of getting Windows as painless as anything involving Windows can be. Downloading Windows 8 is an option on the main screen. Select it and click Continue.

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Select a language, and Parallels will then even provide the activation code for you. Except with activation codes! For Windows Preview 8, Parallels can even provide you with an activation code. If you uncheck the bit Windows version box at the bottom, Parallels will download the bit version instead. Parallels also handles the Windows installation process for you, using your OS X user information to set up a Windows user.


The account setup asks for your name and address as well as a phone number. I mean, I would do that, but VMware is more professional about these sorts of things. VMware provides helpful options for running Windows on your Mac, including tutorials. Open the disk image and do the old drag to install.

Click Create New. Windows 8 is not yet an option in VMware, but selecting Windows 7 will work. Select Customize Settings, and WMware will prompt you first to save the file.

How to Dual Boot Windows 8 and OS X Mountain Lion With Bootcamp

You may want to tinker with the default settings in VMware, particularly when it comes to the RAM you allocate to your virtual machine. Close the Settings window and your virtual machine shows a movie-like start arrow.

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Download and install VirtualBox from its website. Mar 5, 6: Download Boot Camp Support Software 5. MacOS Communities Contact Support.

Running Windows 8 on your Mac

Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: WillSandalls WillSandalls. If it has nothing to do which version of Boot Camp, what is the solution? Thanks in advance Will.

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More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Nubz N. User level: Community Specialist. Frequently asked questions - Apple Support it looks like everything is compatible, but it discusses Boot Camp 5. Some quotes: